Saturday, December 22, 2018


Saturday,  December 22, 2018
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Tonight as I was sitting at my desk looking at some Bible Verses we were considering for a message, I looked up and out the east window across from my desk.  We noticed the full moon was coming up and what a beautiful sight it was!  We shot a picture and posted it!   Let me tell you, with the clear sky, and just dusk, one could not by help just sit in awe at the handy work of our creator!  God, who hung the sun, moon and stars still shows He is alive and well!  The beauty was overwhelming, the picture God painted tonight was nothing short of spectacular!  Then the thought came to me we want to share below!

 I was remembered what we learned in school, so many years ago, that the moon has no light of it's own, but in only a dark blob of substance that reflects the light from the sun!  The bright shinning light we see is nothing more than a reflection of the real light, which comes from that sun, a force also created by God!  As the moon reflects that light, we thought how we as Born Again Christians are to reflect the True Light, from God's SON, Jesus Christ.  As the scripture shares, speaking of Jesus Christ , He is the True Light!

John 1:9   That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

John 8:12   Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

Our prayer this month, as we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, that we will watch what we say, where we go, what we do; that in our life, we will reflect the love and Light of Jesus Christ!!


Our team, which included J.D. and Lucinda Couch, Bob and Donna Whitchurch, and of course Mary and I, returned last week from Balmorhea, Texas. We shared in our last blog post about the trip!  We had been praying for several things concerning the meeting.  One was for us to see someone from the influx of oil field people come to Christ, another was for new members be added to the church membership, and for attendance be great for the scheduled Cowboy Christmas Program!  God answered the prayers!  We saw one man saved, who is there working in that oil boom area, we saw a man, his wife and son join the membership of the church, and we had nearly 50 people there on Sunday morning, and nearly 40 on Sunday evening, even with a special scheduled concert by the school which was held at the Community Center!  God blessed, we had a great trip, and our team  missed all the snow and ice, and enjoyed beautiful weather and fellowship with the great folks from FBC, Balmorhea!


Since it is that time of year when most churches are busy with Christmas events, revivals are put on hold!  As a result, the months of December and January are normally slow for us.  Sometimes we get to do some supply preaching, but overall, we spend a lot of time in Bible Study,  prayer, and planning for the next year.

One of the things we have been in much prayer about is the mission work we do each year.  When we say mission work, we are speaking about those meetings where the income is no where near what it takes to travel there and back.  We do several of those each year.  We have been asking the Lord two things concerning those meetings.  Places to go and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the means to get there and back!  Believe me, He has taken care of both of those things!  As we write, we have either already scheduled, or have good prospects of doing about 30 meetings in 2019!  Some of those are indeed mission meetings, but God has already provided the means for us to do the ones we have scheduled!  GOD IS GREAT!  As most of you know we never write, call or ask for any financial help for SCM.  We go, take what is given, and is some cases, nothing is given, because again, they are often mission type meetings.  We have never gone without, never faced a time when there was not enough, and never had to cancel anything because we could not afford to go!  God has used so many wonderful people and churches to help us, and every year, and including 2019, unless something unexpected happens, we will have enough to complete what we have scheduled!  Praise be to His Name!

Mary and I pray each of you will have a great and blessed Merry Christmas!  None of us know what 2019 will bring about.  We are blessed right now with lower fuel prices, several meetings, and all looks great thanks to the Lord!  Our prayer is at this same time next year, we can look back and say, "indeed this has been a blessed year"!

We had said in our first blog last month, we were going to try to send something weekly, well, maybe we should have said, monthly!  Thanks for all you do, your love, care, and prayers!  Until later, we will remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018




We have just returned from a revival at Magnolia Baptist Church in Crawford, OK.  It was a good meeting with some of he most wonderful folks you could every wish to meet.  From the moment we arrived until the meeting was over they made Mary and I feel like part of their family!  God blessed during the meeting, had some decisions and the attendance was great!  Crawford, OK is in the far western part of Oklahoma and some of the lest populated places in Oklahoma.  These folks have a great fellowship and are doing a lot to reach those in the area!  Our prayers will be with them as they minister and hope someday to be able to return once again!


For the next few weeks we will be in and out, but only have one meeting scheduled in December, in Balmorhea, Texas.  We will be going there for the fourth time this year!  Scheduled is a Cowboy Christmas Program, and going with us are two couples that have traveled many miles with Mary and I during the past!  Bob and Donna Whitchurch and J.D. and Lucinda Couch.  We will be doing a movie night, Sunday Services, and a special program on Sunday night, where we will hand out the old fashioned Christmas Sacks! 

Also, in December 1st, we will be attending a special birthday celebration for a man that has been with SCM since we started many years ago.  Albert Lumm will be 100 years old on Christmas day, and this celebration on the 1st of the month will be a great time with friends and family!


This month, we lost a very good friend, Mrs. Dorothy Willoughby, from Bella Vista, Arkansas.  We ask that you pray for her husband Earl as he deals with this sudden loss.  They both were very important members of the Green Country Cowboy Camp Meeting and she will be greatly missed this coming year!  We know the mixed feelings the family must have, knowing how much she will be missed, but also knowing she is now at peace with Jesus!  Thanks for your prayers for Bro. Earl and the family



In a few weeks we will be remembering and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Several hundred years before Christ was physically born, the Prophet Isaiah wrote as He was moved by the Holy Spirit sharing how at that time God's people had a disregard for the law of God.  They still worshiped God, but their hearts were not near Him at all.  They had grown cold and indifferent to what God demanded, and as a result God's judgment was told.  Isaiah shared in the 59th chapter, 14th verse, "And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter."      Today in America, we can see the same thing happening!  God's people have grown cold, the truth of His word has been for the most part changed by many of those in leadership positions in religious organizations.  There is a warning to those that do not heed the Word of God, and add too or change what it says!  For example, the church of just a few years ago would never stand for what we see today.  We think of things like the stand against alcohol, abortion, and same sex marriage!  Yes, indeed, once again, Truth is fallen in the street!

Friends, we have read the Book, we know the ending! We have been told the time was coming when they would not endure sound doctrine, and there would be a falling away!  It is now upon us!  The future is in God's hands, meanwhile we continue to preach and teach His Word!  We will not compromise it, but share it as it is written!  Our prayer is for our families and friends to come to a close relationship with Christ!  We will work until Jesus comes!  As our good friend Bob Whitchurch says, "Look up!"  Our redemption draweth nigh!"