Tuesday, December 10, 2019

December, 2019
                    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Another year is closing and a new one on the dawning!  Only God knows what the future holds, but we do know the uncertainties before us brings some concerns about our nation, our churches, our families and overall well being!   There are so many people around us that are hurting and going through hard times!  Our churches and pastors are for the most part struggling, but praise the Lord, Jesus is still on the throne and He will bring about His Will in all things!  We just need to take a deep seat and hang on and stay faithful to our calling as things unfold in the future!

As for Mary and I, we are doing well, have had a great year, and thanking the Lord for keeping us healthy and having the strength to keep on going!  We have to admit, the days seem to be harder, the miles longer, and the time needed to recover from those long trips seem to take a little longer!  Over all, we are excited and looking forward to a good schedule in 2020.

Our hearts have been touched this year by so many of our friends in the ministry that have died and gone on to be with Jesus!  Touched in two ways, with grief and sorrow as we will miss them so much, but also with joy and gladness knowing they are no longer in this world but with Jesus!!  Our hearts go out to Herman Cramer and Earl Willoughby,  who lost their wives to death this past year.   Also to the families of pastors and former pastors,  Jim Layton, Ed Trottingwolf, Harry Marsh  and Randy McCormack, and John Morgan, who also have gone on before us to Jesus!  Our prayers for their families and loved ones whom have been left behind for a time!

As of this writing, we have a good schedule ahead of us in 2020. Most of our meetings are repeat meetings for which we thank those pastors and churches who continue to use us.  Praise the Lord,  we do have some new places we will be going in 2020, if the Lord allows!  One of those is scheduled in Quartsite, AZ in January, something we have prayed for years to be able to do, but which the Lord had not allowed us to do for various reasons.  Your prayers for us as we travel this winter to that area to do a tent meeting where thousands of people spend the winter in RVs.  Thanks to the Baptist Church there calling and inviting us to come.  As most of you know, we do not call up churches and ask them for meetings, so when we received this call to go, we know it surely is of the Lord!

Our prayer for you is for you to have a great holiday season as we remember Jesus is the Reason for the season and everyone will take time to stop from the busyness of this life and take time to thank God for all He has done!

Before we close this blog page, we just want every one to know that God has so blessed us this past year with being able to have JD and Lucinda Couch to be a part of the work!  We appreciate them both, as well as Bob and Donna Whitchurch and Jeff and Donna Gore for their willingness to work with Mary and I in so many meetings.  Music is so important to a revival meeting, these precious couples are some of the best as far as we are concerned.