Monday, March 23, 2020

Dear Family and Friends of SCM,

The Bible says in  Pr 29:18,  Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.   
Mary and I have a vision, to use our place as a drive thru Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday, April 12th.   Below is the information.   WE REALIZE MANY WHO READ THIS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND, BUT WE ASK THAT YOU PRAY FOR US AS WE PRAY, PLAN AND PROMOTE THIS EVENT!  Thank you!


Mary and I are making our place available on April 12th, for a Sunrise Service!   We understand in the coming days, there can be many changes in the way we can do things. So plans may change.   
This will be a Drive Thru Service, in which all coming will remain in their vehicle.   The event will be short, but prayerful a powerful and moving time as we remember the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! Our plan is to have a FM transmitter to broadcast the service to FM radios in the cars.

  Most likely, we will plan on opening the gate to our place at 6:30 AM, April 12th.   The road in will be one way, making a circle, until we finish the service, then it will be one way out.   Our plan is to have everyone parked by 6:45 AM, and the service will start at that time,  and end at 7:00 AM.   The sun rise is at 6:50 AM.   Again, people will stay in their car, and we will be set up with a sound system that should enable everyone to hear.   Hopefully,  the ban on the number of people gathered will be lifted by that time, and if so, we will have chairs set up for those that would like to get out of their cars.  If that comes to pass, for those who wish to leave their car, we will have a parking place for them that will not hinder those who will be driving in and out.  We also plan to have free hot coco and coffee available for anyone that would like to have it.  It will be delivered to your car.  Handling will be done in compliance with rules for doing so.  All caution will be observed to limit any close contact with those attending. 

  We know that 6:30 AM is early and difficult for many, but we just ask you to remember what Jesus has done for us, and be willing to make that effort to do something in honor to Him!  Lord willing the weather will be good, the sunrise beautiful, and as we sing, pray and read God's Word, He will speak to each of our hearts, giving us comfort, wisdom and some understanding as we go though these difficult times!   May God bless each of you!  

Thank you for your prayers and may the Lord bless in all you do for Him!