Monday, August 31, 2020

AUGUST 31, 2020   

 Howdy in the Name of Jesus!

Again, been too long since we posted anything!   We have been very busy for which we thank the Lord!  Since COVID-19 there has been some schedule adjusting, but so far, we have replaced almost every meeting we had cancelled and even added a meeting or two!  You can notice our schedule is full between now and November.  

We have already several meetings scheduled for 2021, and will be adding that page to our web site as soon as they get an problem resolved that is keeping us from doing the editing ourselves.  Hope to have that done very soon.   

God has blessed this year, we have been so blessed with good attendance at most of the meetings.  The outdoor, tent meetings, and parking lot services have been very well attended.  We have done some Facebook Live stuff, but to be honest, not sure if we really understand all of that yet!  Like the old saying, "Sometimes it is hard to teach old dogs a new trick"! LOL!!

We just want to thank everyone that keeps up with us on the web site, Face book, texts and phone calls.  Feel free to call at anytime, we love hearing from you and knowing how you are doing!

We hope to get our web site updated soon, so until then, may the Lord bless each of you, and praying for our nation like we have never prayed before!  PLEASE DEAR GOD, HEAL OUR NATION AND ONCE AGAIN, BLESS THE USA!!