Monday, December 27, 2021



Hello in the Name of Jesus Christ!

    As we know, the year 2021 is rapidly coming to a close, and what a year it has been.  God has tremendously blessed us again, with meetings just about every week somewhere!  We have see the Lord save souls, change lives, build churches, give comfort to the hurting and seen those with no hope come to find hope in Jesus!  Thanks be to the Lord for all He has done!

    As we grow older each year, we find out bodies not having the strength we once had, and that my friends is something this old man is having a hard time accepting!  LOL!   However we know it is happening and as we travel those roads from meeting to meeting God keeps giving us the ability to keep on going!   Just this past week, while having a conversation with a person, he asked me two questions;   The first was how long will we keep traveling doing evangelism?   The second was when will be know it is time to stop?  This was not the first time we have been asked this, and we have addressed these questions before.  So here today, we would like to address them again!

First, we will go as long as we can, and our health allows is to do so.  We never know what tomorrow holds and in the book of James we are told never say tomorrow we will do this or that because we do not know what tomorrow holds.  We are told to say, if the Lord wills. 

Secondly we will know it is time to stop when we no longer have the money to operate and when we no longer have meetings to do.  That may sound strange to some, but let me remind what we have always said concerning the money and the meetings.

First, in all our ministry, we have never asked anyone at anytime for any financial help.   We do not send out letters for fund raising nor asking individuals,  businesses, churches or any organizations for any financial assistance, not ever, never, nada!   We have asked God to provide and He has!  He has used churches as well as individuals to supply us with the finances we need.   We thank those who have giving and are continuing to give.  Certainly it takes money for equipment, fuel, insurance etc, and again, God has always supplied every dime we have ever needed.  We see no need to change the way to do things now, so we will continue to rely on the Lord's method of keeping us going!

Secondly, we have never called up churches, and asked them for meetings.   The closest thing we have done to that is send out from time to time a newsletter to a group of churches sharing with them that we are available for meetings.  Even that we have not done much of in the last few years.   We rely on pastors and churches to call us.   That way we know the meetings are not something we worked up so to speak, but that God has laid on someones heart to call us.   When we book that meeting, we can truthfully say, we feel it was of God.  In all my studying of God's Word we have never read where he told someone to do something, and not supplied to them what was needed to complete the task.  So, as long as we have meetings, we faithfully believe God has given them to us, and He expects us to complete the task.    We call that  "operating by faith".     We do want to make clear, we do not in any way want to condemn any other ministry from fund raising, if that is how God has told them to do it, and if so, they had better do it.  We do not condemn them for calling and asking churches for meetings, or that they will be in the area or something like that to get meetings.    It just is not the way God laid upon our heart to operate.

In the coming year, we have currently 20 confirmed meetings!  Those meetings will take us to the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas as well as Idaho. We covet your prayers for Mary and I, as well as the precious teams whom God has put in our paths to help us with music, meals, set ups etc.  For sure without them, we would not be able to do the work!  Again, God has supplied through His people, praise be to His Name.

Thank you for your love, care, prayers and support!  Meanwhile, we pray you had a Very Merry Christmas and you will have a prospers new year!